The Quest and the List

We will listen to her voice, delve into her complex dreams and inner desires, plunge head first into her bowels, devour her guts and finally thrust ourselves balls-deep into her soul. Taipei 101 – The Complete Story is our quest to find the ‘heart of the city’ by photographing, interviewing and recording a journey through 101 Taipei strangers and the places that they take us.

Chris has been suckling at the tits of Taipei for almost 5 years. He’s gotten fat off of her. He’s self-unemployed, snared a successful Taipei woman and he lives in a penthouse(ish) apartment (well at the top of a building). He swans around in his vast free time snapping pictures of her like an insatiable peeping tom. He’s the photographer. I live out in the sticks, with a woman half my height and a miniature poodle even smaller than her. But I’ve been abusing Taipei like a Viking marauder since I got here. Short trips of debauchery; slashing, burning, raping and pillaging. I’m the writer.

Taipei is in Taiwan, she’s young, dresses up a bit like a Buddahist nun, but under that cloth she is sparkling, sexy, filth. She’s the city. Now me, Chris and Taipei hope to create a deeper and more meaningful relationship together, get to know each other properly. We will meet, greet and capture a broad spectrum of Tapeinians. Our awkward images and baffling dialogues should hopefully reveal some magical, never seen before truth about Taipei. Failing this we will create a collage of photography, journalism, gonzo and bullshit that will one day be recognized as a masterpiece (long after our poverty-stricken, syphilitic, brothel-based deaths). And…failing that we’ll definitely get to know Taipei a little better, get to do something enjoyable and creative, improve our woeful Chinese a little, have an excuse to travel around the city doing whatever we feel like, meet some people that we wouldn’t normally have met and push ourselves away from our small circles of friends and out of our cosy little comfort zones.

The results, whatever they may be, will be published on our blog and our Facebook page. Advice, abuse and adoration are all welcome and if our quest doesn’t get hairy enough to finish us off then we will be more than happy to respond to your inspired comments or inane shite.

Here’s the complete list:

1. taxi driver

2. 7/11 worker

3. police officer

4. fire fighter

5. doctor

6. betel nut girl

7. motorcycle mechanic

8. prostitute

9. gangster

10. coffee shop worker

11. student

12. pool hall pool player

13. mando pop (pop star)

14. alternative singer

15. TV bar girl

16. stripper

17. shoe seller

18. old expat

19. young ex pat

20. garbage man

21. cosmetics girl

22. night market stinky tofu seller

23. curator of national palace

24. artist

25. imprisoned

26. temple priest

27. Christian priest

28. Mormon converter

29. homeless

30. sports star

31. fortune teller

32. beer girl

33. alcoholic (current or recovering)

34. drug addict

35. drug dealer

36. tattoo artist

37. temple guardian worker

38. fashion designer

39. street dancer

40. foreign house help

41. hi tech industry worker

42. Taiwan beer factory worker

43. octogenarian

44. snake killer

45. pregnant woman

46. blind masseuse

47. Thai masseuse

48. disabled person living on street

49. disabled rights campaigner

50. Falun gong campaigner

51. DPP – politician

52. KMT – politician

53. local district leader

54. Staunch CK supporter

55. self made man

56. self made woman

57. teacher at a school

58. principal at a school

59. postman

60. Buddhist Da Ai

61. Xi Gong practitioner

62. bus driver

63. table tennis club

64. mahjong player

65. bird cage man

66. allotment worker

67. cyclist

68. McDonalds worker

69. dumpling maker

70. worker at the top of Taipei 101

71. underground city – meat cleaver masseuse

72. computer game player in early hours of morning

73. prize fighter

74. doorman

75. martial artist

76. leader Taipei gay pride

77. gay bar customer

78. punk

79. actor

80. single mum

81. spicy girl

82. spicy boy

83. betel nut eating man

84. professor

85. MRT worker

86. job centre user

87. army recruit – just recruited

88. master shrimp fisher

89. Electronics seller

90. a single man leaving a love hotel

91. love hotel receptionist

92. motorcycle gang member

93. pest exterminator

94. dog groomer

95. exorcist

96. previously or currently possessed person

97. hospitalised

98. city gardener

99. Taiwan aboriginal

100. Emigrated wife

101. Transgender/transsexual

Is this representative of Taipei, let us know!!


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