The Spicy Boy

Please Note: Things said in Chinese will appear in bold and at times our Chinese may appear better than it actually is. The questions were written down in Chinese but sometimes the meaning was unclear.

Lewis:                   What’s your name?

Spicy Boy:            Full name? Lin Wei Ting.

Lewis:                   Do you have an English name?

Spicy Boy:            Dennis.

Lewis:                   Dennis?

Spicy Boy:            Yeah.

Lewis:                   What do you do?

Spicy Boy:            Work? I’m a hair stylist.

Lewis:                   hare stylee?

His friend:           Hair stylist.

Me and Chris laugh.

Lewis:                   OK. We ask you because…your hair is very beautiful so we wanted to ask you.

Spicy Boy:            OK, OK.

Lewis:                   How old are you?

Spicy Boy:            17

Lewis:                   Err…

Spicy Boy:            I was born in Taipei. I live in Taipei. I live in Ximending.

Lewis:                   Oh Ximending?

Spicy Boy:            Right, right! How long have I lived in Taipei up until now? Just over 7 years.

Lewis:                   Err…

Spicy Boy:            What do I like about Taipei? Bei Tou. There’s a hot spring there. Bei Tou.

Lewis:                   Bei Tou?

Spicy Boy:            Bei Tou.

Lewis:                   What don’t you like?

Spicy Boy:            What don’t I like? Err…I don’t like that the streets are uneven.

Chris:                     Where?

Spicy Boy:            Where? Here (Points at the Ximending road).

He readsDo you know a something or somewhere in Taipei that not many people know about?’

Spicy Boy:            Secret? I don’t know.

His friend:           He says he don’t know the answer for this question.

Lewis:                   Anything, something secret place. Somewhere people don’t know. Someplace place he likes, that people don’t know about. What’s his favourite…

His friend:           …favourite place? What’s your favourite place?

Spicy Boy:            The summit of Taipei.

His friend:           The mountain. The top of Yami Shan.

Spicy Boy:            What’s the most unusual thing I’ve seen? Car accidents.

His friend:           Car accidents.

Lewis:                   Oh. Where?

Spicy Boy:            I’ve seen accidents all over the place.

His friend:           Everywhere. Everywhere he goes will accident.

Lewis:                   So many? You..

Spicy Boy:            I haven’t been in any car crashes.

His friend:           He didn’t have the experience of car accidents but he thinks car accidents are very…

Lewis:                   He’s seen many?

His friend:           Ya! He’s seen many.

Lewis:                   You’ve seen many.

Spicy Boy:            Yes…yes……yes. Huu!

Lewis:                   Oh!

Chris:                     Oh!

Lewis:                   Err…I think that’s it. Oh! Now, it’s the difficult question.

We use the random question dice shaker. The question is ‘What part of Taiwanese culture should Taiwan export to other countries?’ from the Expat Younger.

Lewis:                   Awww!

Chris:                     Awww!

Spicy Boy:            What part of Taiwanese culture should Taiwan export to other countries?’ What should be exported? Err…I don’t know…Red Castle in Dan Shui.

His friend:           He says Dan Shui…

Lewis:                   Sell for…

His friend:           Ya, ya, ya!

His question was, ‘What do you like to drink? What do you like to eat?’ We gave the Spicy Boy a red envelope with money from Vietnam inside from Chris. He gave us a checked shirt.


About orangetuesday

Chris Rawlins is the photographer. Lewis Hall is the writer. Taipei is the city.
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