The Gay Man

Please Note: Things said in Chinese will appear in bold and at times our Chinese may appear better than it actually is. The questions were written down in Chinese but sometimes the meaning was unclear.

Lewis:                   Are you two together?

The Gay Man and the Spicy Girl laugh.

Lewis:                   Err..are you gay?

Gay Man:            Wah?

Lewis:                   Are you gay?

Gay Man:            …….Yes!

Everyone laughs.

Lewis:                   Good. It’s good because…

Spicy Girl:            (To the Gay Man) You’re too honest!

Lewis:                   We need to ask 101 different people and you’re our gay man.

Spicy Girl:            (To me) OK! OK! We know. How about you? You too?

Lewis:                   No. Before we thought, is that a Spicy Girl and Spicy Boy. If they are boy friend and girlfriend then we have Spicy Girl, Spicy Boy if not then Gay..It’s good.

Everyone laughs.

Gay Man:            It’s OK. I don’t care.

Lewis:                   What’s your name?

Gay Man:            Amber.

Lewis:                   What do you do?

Gay Man:            Hair…hair designer.

Lewis:                   And how old are you?

Gay Man:            18. 18.

Lewis:                   18?

Gay Man:            18, 18.

Lewis:                   Were you born in Taipei?

Gay Man:            Yes. Banciao.

Lewis:                   Do you live in Taipei?

Gay Man:            Yes.

Lewis:                   And where do you live in Taipei?

Gay Man:            Banciao. The same place.

Lewis:                   With your family? Together?

Gay Man:            Yes. Yes.

Lewis:                   How long have you lived in Taipei?…18 years.

Gay Man:            Correct. Correct.

Lewis:                   What’s your favourite thing about Taipei?

Gay Man:            Anything about Taipei. How do you say ‘Anything’?

Spicy Girl:            Huh? Anything.

Gay Man:            Anything.

Lewis:                   And what’s the worst thing about Taipei?

Gay Man:            Garbage. Garbage on the street.

Lewis:                   Do you know a something or somewhere in Taipei that not many people know about?

Gay Man:            I don’t know.

Chris and the Spicy Girl are talking about how old we are. Chris says that I’m 25.

Lewis:                   I’m 26. It was my birthday the other week.

Spicy Girl:            (Pointing at Chris and talking to Amber) He’s 40 years old. (To Chris) You look so young.

Lewis:                   Do you have a special place in Taipei?

Gay Man:            Jamie! Jamie! I’ve got no idea. ‘Where do you like in Taipei?’… I don’t know.

Spicy Girl:            (To Chris) Your girlfriend is how old?

Chris:                     Err…

Spicy Girl:            Somewhere that you really like?

Gay Man:            I’ve just got no idea. Jamie, nothing comes to mind. I don’t know.

Lewis:                   Any place that you like?

Gay Man:            I don’t know.

Spicy Girl:            He doesn’t know.

Lewis:                   He doesn’t know? That’s OK. It’s OK.

Gay Man:            Sorry, sorry.

Lewis:                   It’s OK. What’s the most unusual thing that you’ve seen happen in Taipei?

Gay Man:            Ximen. Ximen so many.

Spicy Girl:            What have you seen?

Gay Man:            Seen? Err.. I’ve seen

Spicy Girl:            You can say in Chinese or English.

Gay Man:            I saw some pervert in Ximen flashing. (Makes motion of flashing.)

Lewis:                   Err..

Spicy Girl and Gay Man make flashing motions.

Lewis:                   Oh!

Gay Man:            Yes.

Lewis:                   And now you get a difficult question from someone else.

Spicy Girl:            (To Chris) Yes, he had no clothes and showed us.

Chris:                     Where?

Spicy Girl:            Here.

The question says what did you want to be when you were a child? (From me).

Gay Man:            Everyday play. Everyday play games.

Lewis:                   And what job did you want? Err…Before you were a child. What job did you want? What job? What job? What did you want to do?

Gay Man:            Jamie! Jamie look! (Shows question) Say one more time.

Lewis:                   So..err..Maybe the Chinese is wrong. I think the question is wrong. So before you are a child. You are a child you wanted what work?

Spicy Girl:            What did you want to be when you were a child?

Gay Man:            Aww!

Lewis:                   Cut hair? Different?

Gay Man:            I wanted to do work related to fashion. Fashion. I have always wanted to be in the fashion industry ever since I was a little boy.

Lewis:                   And why did you change? Why did you decide to be a hair designer?

Gay Man:            No! Hair designing is one kind of fashion. Do you understand?

Lewis:                   Err… ‘Fashion is difficult to do?’

Gay Man:            No! Hair designing is fashion. Starting from hair designing I can do other things about fashion. Hair designing is a good start. Clothing, hair, style and accessories are all fashion.

Lewis:                   OK, our friend will translate it later.

We gave the Gay Man a 10% discount card for the K-House, the French crab serving gay bar. This gift was from Gregg the Ex-Pat Younger. He didn’t have anything to give us so gave us his business card. His question for other people was ‘Would you be happy to have a gay friend?’



About orangetuesday

Chris Rawlins is the photographer. Lewis Hall is the writer. Taipei is the city.
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