The Artist

Please Note: This interview was recorded while walking Rosy to meet her boyfriend.Things said in Chinese will appear in bold and at times our Chinese may appear better than it actually is. The questions were written down in Chinese but sometimes the meaning was unclear.

Lewis:                   Err… What’s your name?

Artist:                    Rosy.  R. O. S. Y.

Lewis:                   What do you do?

Artist:                    I’m a sales assistant. Sales.

Lewis:                   Sales?

Artist:                    Ahuh.

Lewis:                   In a clothes shop or..?

Artist:                    Yes. Yes, a clothes shop.

Lewis:                   And an artist?

Artist:                    Yes. I do my art everyday.

Lewis:                   What’s ‘your art’?

Artist:                    I paint.

Lewis:                   What’s your favourite thing about Taipei?

Artist:                    About Taipei? Err..maybe food. Food. Food!

Lewis:                   What’s your least favourite thing?

Artist:                    Least favourite thing?

Lewis:                   What don’t you like about Taipei?

Artist:                    Taipei?

Lewis:                   Yes.

Artist:                    Err..dirty.

Lewis:                   Dirty?

Artist:                    Yes, very dirty.

Lewis:                   Do you have a special place in Taipei? Maybe a place that not many people know about?

Artist:                    Maybe my home.

We all laugh.

Lewis:                   And why is your home so…special?

Artist:                    I don’t like too much people, too many people know..where…my…home…is.

Lewis:                   And in your home it’s very nice? Very pretty?

Artist:                    Yes, and in my home I can paint. I have paintings.

Lewis:                   And do you live with your family?

Artist:                    No. With my boyfriend.

Lewis:                   OK. Err..

Chris:                     About the paintings. Are they yours?

Artist:           is my schedule book.

She shows us her schedule book. A lot of the days have pictures drawn into the boxes.

Artist:                    I like painting everyday but..

Chris:                     Oh. OK.

Artist:                    …my pictures are very little.

Lewis:                   Maybe we can…Could we take a photo of your book?

Artist:                    Yes, OK. I have a lot of sketch books.

Lewis:                   What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen in Taipei?

Artist:                    Ermm…My friends, my family…

Lewis:                   Very strange. What did you see, very strange, you see what very strange?

Artist:                    Oh.

Lewis:                   The number one strange in Taipei? You saw in Taipei.

Artist:                    Strange?

Lewis:                   Yeah. Very crazy. Very strange.

Artist:                    No.

Lewis:                   Did you see anything happen that was strange? Or very crazy.

Artist:                    Crazy? Nothing.

Lewis:                   Nothing?

Artist:                    Nothing. I am very crazy.

Chris:                     Before someone say they see someone go like this (motion of flashing) in Taipei. Take their clothes off.

Artist:                    Yes, very often in Taipei.

Lewis:                   Oh? Before people said Ximending was very crazy about the things.

Artist:                    Yes. People go crazy in crowded cities.

Lewis:                   Yes. Oh, yeah! Before I forgot to ask you. How old are you?

Artist:                    25.

Lewis:                   I’ve got one more difficult question for you.

We use the random question dice shaker. The question is not a question. It’s a mistake. It says, ‘We are going to ask you a question from someone else in Taipei.’

Lewis:                   You can speak Chinese and later our friend will help us to…

Artist:                    OK, I know.

Lewis:                   You don’t understand the question?

She shows the non-question.

Lewis:                   Argh! Crazy! Sorry!

Chris:                     What?

Lewis:                   That wasn’t a question, it was the thing saying, ‘you get asked a random question’.

Chris:                     Oh! Oh no!

We use the random shaker again. The question says, ‘what super power would you like?’ (From me).

Artist:                    I wish I can fly.

Lewis:                   And why do you wish you can fly?

Artist:                    Because I like fly around the city.

Her question was, ‘What’s your favourite colour?’ We gave the Artist a black and white bracelet from the Spicy Girl. She gave us a love heart sticker from the shop where she worked.


About orangetuesday

Chris Rawlins is the photographer. Lewis Hall is the writer. Taipei is the city.
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